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Sorting through mucky paint cans for tips is frustrating! The Tipsaver will aid in a quick retrieval of whatever tip, housing or filter you need. Simply lift the Tipsaver from its container and your tips, housings, and filters are at your fingertips ready to spray…

Let's save time!



All you need to do is submerge the Tipsaver in desired liquid cleaner and your equipment will be ready every time you need it. No need to back blow tips and scrape paint off housings when the Tipsaver is on the job…

Let's make it easy!



We have all submerged our hands in harmful solvent to retrieve spray equipment. Tipsaver has been built to end that awful task and minimize harmful skin exposure…

Let's be safe!


For decades painters have been trying to come up with a way to keep spray equipment clean, organized and ready to use. Alpha Products has designed the Tipsaver to do all of those things and more. Tipsaver holds your tips, housings and filters in an organized, easy to access way that also cleans them and allows you to re-use all of your spray related equipment and increase productivity. The Tipsaver is the first tool of its kind and it will forever change the way you utilize your valuable spray equipment. You can expect to see a cost savings of 25-30% on spray related equipment and you will reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. Tipsaver is built tough and is extremely user friendly. It will provide you many years of dependable service.


The days of misplacing dirty spray equipment or trying to clean dried, crusty spray tips are over. Having a Tipsaver in your arsenal will ensure that you can be set up and ready to spray like a professional in less time. No more searching for tips or scrambling to find a filter. With TipSaver, these things will be easy to find, clean and ready to use every time you need them… Let's get to work!


Tipsaver has been built with chemical resistant HDPE plastic. The easy snap together design offers a durable, tough tool.

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